Litterbox Management Tips

Any cat owner will tell you, one of the downsides of sharing your home with a feline companion is keeping up with the litterbox. The good news is, with the right attitude and a little bit of planning, this doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Below is some helpful advice from an Olathe vet on proper litterbox maintenance to help keep your kitty happy and healthy and your home smelling fresh.

Keep it Clean – You wouldn’t want to use a dirty, smelly bathroom, right? Well, neither does your cat. Stay on top of litterbox maintenance by scooping your cat’s box at least once per day. This will help keep your home smelling better and reduce the risk of kitty finding an alternative place to do her business.

1 for 1 – A good rule of thumb that any experienced Olathe vet would recommend is to provide one litterbox per cat in your home. You may even want to supply an extra one for good measure. This will eliminate territorial issues and make scooping a little more manageable, since it won’t be all in one box.

Choose the Right Location – Cats prefer not to go to the bathroom where they eat, so place litterboxes in a separate area. You should also place them where they’re easily accessible for your cat, but not in high-traffic areas where people and other pets may be ever-present. Cats need a little privacy too!

Get the Right Litter – There are just about as many types of litter out there as there are different types of cats, and there’s really no one-size-fits-all answer. It may take a little trial and error, and some specific advice and guidance from your Olathe vet to find the right litter for your cat, but once you do it’ll make all the difference in keeping kitty happy.

Accommodate Your Cat – Different cats have different needs, so you should be careful to supply a litterbox that meets those particular needs. For example, if your cat is arthritic or you have a small kitten, a box that has lower sides to make it easier to get in and out might make the most sense. Your Olathe vet can provide specific advice for this.

Litterbox maintenance can be a hassle, but if you’re careful and you plan ahead, it really doesn’t have to be. By following these tips and working with your Olathe vet, you can keep your litterbox and your home fresh and clean and your kitty happy.

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