Dr. Clint Beggs

Dr. Beggs

Dr. Clint Beggs graduated with honors from Veterinary College in 2001. While still in elementary school, he knew that he wanted to become a veterinarian after the loss of a cherished family pet. From that point forward, he volunteered at a busy companion animal hospital throughout high school, which reinforced his career choice even more. Being from Northern California originally, Dr. Beggs attended the University of California at Davis. Eventually, after graduation, he moved to the Midwest to start a family and pursue the dream he’s had since 9 years old of being a veterinarian.

Dr. Beggs professional interests incorporate the entire health and well being of his patients. In addition, he strives to ensure that their parents/owners are comfortable at all times and understand the health of their pets as well as the options available to them for any issues that develop to ensure the best quality of life for everyone involved. Cardiology, ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery are areas where he has dedicated countless hours of extensive training, as they are of special interest to him because so much of the health of the pet can be determined, monitored and optimized using these areas.

Dr. Beggs is a current member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Kansas Veterinary Medical Association and the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association. He actively participates in many community outreach programs through the local school districts and area humane societies, providing a variety of services from caring for animals in need to mentoring students who have chosen veterinary medicine as a career.

After moving to the Olathe area in 1996, Dr. Beggs found this area to be a wonderful place to grow, live and raise a family. He has coached for the Olathe Soccer Club and the Olathe Girls Softball Association where he worked with children to develop their skills and love for sports that teach them much more about life than just how to play a game. He also volunteers to help with various projects for the Girls Scout troops his daughters are involved with.

Dr. Beggs’ two daughters are his pride and joy. Randi, his oldest daughter, attended Olathe North West High School, graduating with honors and is now attending the University of Missouri at Kansas City where she was accepted to medical school and is pursuing her dream of becoming a pediatrician. Loren, his youngest daughter, has dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Her success both academically and at the competitive level on the soccer and softball fields has recently made her dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Over the years, the Beggs family has had many beloved pets that are now passed but are with them in their hearts. At this time, they have a cat, Tea Pot, who runs the house and keeps their three legged rat terrier in line. The rat terrier, Baby, became a member of the Beggs family after she was adopted from the Olathe Animal Shelter by another family. She had been injured previously and was brought in with a splint on her front leg. Upon further examination, it was determined that Baby’s nerves has been damaged from multiple severe fractures and the leg had to be amputated.

Unfortunately, her present owner no longer wanted her. The surgery was a complete success and after spending time in our hospital, the Beggs family became so attached to her, they decided to adopt her and now she not only is a happy and healthy pet but also provides them with so much joy and happiness. Dr. Beggs uses her as an example as to what can become such a strong positive in the lives of his patients where only negative was seen before. She is a cherished member of the family and can run circles around any other dog at the park.

Away from the office, Dr. Beggs spends most of his time supporting his daughter’s activities on and off the athletic field. When time allows, he enjoys the outdoors, where he practices ethical hunting and catch and release fishing so future generations get the chance they deserve to experience our wonderful outdoors.